Return Policy

We don't support return or refund. However, we've a friendly exchange poilcy.

If you find any manufacturing defect in our product upon receiving, you can ask for an exchange. In such case, you don't have to bear the reverse/exchange delivery cost.

However, to ensure proper transparency, we only accept exchange if you find this in front of the delivery man of our delivery partners. In brief, you've to follow the below steps while receiving the product:

1. Unpack the product in front of the delivery man.

2. Upon finding defects, show it to the delivery man.

3. Send us close and visible pictures of the defective area to our Messenger or WhatsApp.

4. Upon a quick inspection, we'll let the delivery man get your parcel back to process the exchange.

5. Lastly, we'll send another product from our side as soon as possible.